Coaching develops powerful teams

You have a talented team of professionals, but they aren’t working together the way you think that they could. Imagine the power of team coaching in creating an encouraging, rewarding environment. Help team members to learn their own value and combine skill sets to develop the innovative solutions so necessary to managing change and competing in today’s market.

Coaching for collaboration engages each team member and plays a critical role in effective organizational development.

Empowerment coaching builds collaborative team to innovate and excel

Manage change effectively with team development coaching

As employees develop a team attitude and begin working together, organizations reap the results. Collaborative coaching encourages:

  • flexible, innovative teams that coordinate on implementing change
  • mutual respect for different skillsets
  • improved communication, ownership of issues, and solutions for dealing with conflict
  • group brainstorming on powerful strategies that can increase productivity
  • better perspective and renewed focus on a well-defined and shared vision.

Coaching helps build a collaborative team that excels in innovation and change management

The beauty of coaching for collaboration is that these techniques bring individuals together, allowing them to create their own best solutions for change management. Every team member is a valuable and necessary part of the group, and the coaching process recognizes that truth.

Just as every team member is different, so coaching techniques adapt to suit particular individuals and environments. While techniques differ, some elements always remain the same. The coaching conversation fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. Expect thought-provoking, occasionally challenging questions and activities that delve below the surface, uncovering truths about how you interact as a team. Experience empowerment as your team recognizes how their unique talents and perspectives can combine proactively in achieving organizational goals.

Sherry Matheson of Empower the Truth Coaching
Novalda's Kerry Woodcock is on the team of Empower the Truth Coaching


Our work with Sherry and Kerry was challenging and fun. As a result of the team coaching we undertook with them in the spring of 2017, our management team agreed that we are more cohesive, more positively engaged, more supportive of each other, and more resilient.

I highly recommend Sherry and Kerry as team coaches for any organization.

Pamela Medland | Library Director, Airdrie Public Library

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